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Onsoft is an IT solution-orientated company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are here to provide IT Business Solutions to our clients to simplify the increasing complexity of today’s business operations.  We partner with leading software industry vendors to provide the solutions that will help achieve this.
Not all businesses have the same service management requirements.  Recognising this, we partner with select service management providers to make sure that we deliver the best suited solutions for our clients.

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Onsoft has been delivering Service Management solutions since 2000. In this time we have dealt with over 600 organisations throughout Africa providing industry beating solutions that have evolved over many years and solutions that break boundaries.

Software Solutions

Onsoft is proud to partner with leading software developers. We know that one size does not fit all, so having a range of software solutions enables us to match the best suited tool to each client’s Service Management vision and strategy.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is defined through the software component and our consultation services. This value added approach helps refine the process, people and product relationship to achieve your business goals.
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Improving the efficiency
of your organisation.

Whether you call it a Help Desk, a Service Desk or something else, an effective Service Management solution can improve the efficiency of an organisation in a number of ways.

Reduce Costs through utilising a cost effective solution for your environment.

Reduce Complexity of operations through collaboration and integration of systems and processes; providing a single view of the multiple activities across departments and companies.

Improve Productivity of users by providing an easy to use solution and ensuring that requests are resolved timeously.

Enhance user experience and instil confidence with the knowledge that requests are being attended to and that progress and resolution can be monitored.

Report on activities, performance and costs, identifying trends and potential actions that may be required, whether training, system upgrades, staffing, etc.